Nov 272011

Sometimes in life we find ourselves in a position where we could use just a little help.  Help Me With Money is a great place to start your search for help.  Here you will find links to everything from advice and money making ideas to discounts and coupons.  Our hope here at Help Me With Money is that as people find their way they will share and support others.

We as a society we have lived beyond our means for far too long.  Our Government spends more than it earns, our businesses spend more than they earn, and way too often we spend more than we earn.  Help Me with Money ask that you pause for a moment and reflect on your current financial situation: Where are you at? How did you get where you are? Where are you going? What are your goals?

Many people are doing well financially and many more are not.  Why is this so?  We here at Help Me With Money we believe that those that succeed do so most often because they built their financial house on a solid foundation.  A solid foundation means developing a workable budget and sticking to it.  A workable budget is defined as meeting all your financial obligations, living expenses and entertainment expenses within 70-80% of the money you take home after taxes.  Many people balk at the idea of living off of only 70-80% of what they bring home, but do a little research on your own and you will soon discover that this is the dirty little secret to financial freedom.

Help me with money pictureHelp Me With Money has found that people live their happiest when they keep all of their expenses below 80% of their take home pay, save 10%, and give 10% to charities.  This magic formula has been proven true for thousands of years and is really nothing new.  The problem is most of us were not taught this.  Because we were not taught how to build a solid financial foundation we miss out on financial security, opportunities to grow, and the joy of giving.  Most of us eventually find ourselves so over extended that it will be extremely painful to scrape back down and rebuild our foundation.  But, to be truly financially free that is what we must do.

A wise man once said “Remember this: debt is a form of bondage.  We think we own things, but the reality is, our things own us.”   If you are already free of debt or working on it, we hope Help Me With Money will provide some useful tools to help you on your journey.

Jan 302012

Do you want to start a stock trading investment by yourself? But worried that you would lose money? And not sure how or when to start? There are several things to think about before jumping into the stock market. If you do it right , the stock trading is rewarding investment, but if you buy stocks without preparation, you will lose the money. Take my three simple advises to buy stocks.

Start with extra money that would not mind even if you waste all. When the market is doing well, people think that they would make lots of money right away. So they tend to put large amount of money, even borrowing money by using the margin account. But this could lead to a disaster. Believe me , the feeling would be devastating when your stock drops 50% or more. Always start with small amount of money that you are comfortable with.

Periodically check the major technical indicators (RSI7, MACD). The market is always about the fight between the bear and bulls. Year 2012 is time for the bulls. So it’s a great time to start. But when do you jump in? You need to periodically monitor the Dow Jones industrial and S&P 500 points. You can easily find the long term chart graphs for the indexes with additional technical indicators such as MACD and RSI. When you have low RSI or MACD for longer period time, I say that would be a good time to buy some value stocks. When the technical indicators remain on the upper side over 70, you should just wait until the market excitement settles down.

Choose a large value company if you are a novice. In the past, I have bought some never-heard-of company stocks after reading blog article advocating possible 10 bagger ( Earning 10 times) . Especially the penny stocks. But the result was terrible. The price fluctuation is too severe for regular people to handle. One of the penny stocks was going out of business completely. I mean they are penny stocks company, so they are very unstable investment. So my suggestion is to buy a good valued company such as Google, Apple, and IBM when they are cheap during the BEAR period. And it is for sure that they would not likely to go bankruptcy.

So that was my 2 cents on the how to start stock trading. To buy stock , you would need to do some study to make money, but it is surely worth the time. Please check out How to buy stocks blog. It has the detailed information on what to do to start trading stocks.

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Jan 302012

The internet makes it possible for anyone, no matter what your educational background, to make a nice living from the convenience of your home. The internet is today’s gold rush, creating more millionaires and doing so faster than any other medium in history. The internet has generated more opportunities for the little guys than previously. And today is the perfect time to leap up to speed and begin making money from home.

Is it possible to generate money quickly online? The reply to that question is yes and no. There are companies available which are not frauds and will help you make money online. Is it easy to make money quick? Well, that is up to you. If you put time and effort into the program that you simply bought, you’ll be able to make money quickly but when you don’t have much time it will take a little while longer. An advanced dedicated person you’ll be able to produce a lot of money online.

Keep in mind that the most important aspect in whether you will make money online is just how much effort you devote. Associated with pension transfer “real” jobs, you’ll have to put in additional work in order to take your revenue to the next level. So-called “push button” software could possibly cause you to additional spending money, however it is going to take much more try to acquire a full-time income.

But should you be wondering about the Earn From Home System Review, product creator reputation, or… is Earn From Home System Scam or The Real Deal? You have come towards the proper place. And Earn From Home System just isn’t a Scam. Take a look at once more in is extremely clear and show some proof of the reliability of the product. Most significant thing of all, 100% money back guarantees if you are not satisfied with these product. So trying out the plan could be RISK-FREE…

Dec 072011

If you find yourself in need of money and thinking of a quick and easy loan, nothing could be simpler than using an online pawn shop to turn your valuables into quick cash. With the convenience of an internet, you can sell or get a loan online for your watch, ring, gold, diamonds or collectibles – it’s a simple procedure which can be carried out securely from your own home. There’s no need to risk your car title or submit yourself to the hassles and hold-ups of a credit check; pawning or selling online is a quick and easy process to get the money you need, when you need it.

Let’s be honest – getting money when people need it is getting more and more problematic in the times of economic instability. That’s why online pawnbrokers have proved to be one of the best solutions for such unexpected “need for cash” situations as a car repair, utility bills payment, holiday retreat or any other occasion that requires to be addressed financially.

Pawn Loans are Secured Loans.

Items in your drawer or jewelry box at home can be turned into cash when you use them to secure a loan from an online pawn shop. With the secure services offered, you can pawn jewelry online, pawn or sell watches, gold rings or memorabilia – all with just a few easy steps. You can describe your items by answering a few questions online, upload a photo, and receive an offer, either by email or phone. Then, if you’re OK with the estimation, you just ship the items (often for free), and receive cash to your bank account.

If you’ve chosen to pawn online, you’re not actually selling these items; when you pawn things, they remain to be YOUR items: you’re essentially using them as a collateral for the loan. Your property won’t be resold to any one, and when you repay the loan, you’ll get your property back.

Because the online pawn shop has your items as collateral, you don’t have to worry about your bad credit history or credit checks; it’s a straight-across deal of the (temporary) possession of the valuable items in exchange for the loan of the cash. Your items will be insured, stored securely under a 24/7 surveillance, and returned to you safely via insured FedEx or DHL when you repay the loan.

You Can Also Sell Online to Get More Cash Right Away.

If you have valuable items that you don’t need to have returned to you, you can choose to sell rather than pawn them. The procedure for a sale is similar to that of a pawn transaction, except that the money is yours to keep when you choose to sell your valuables outright. After you have them assessed by an online pawnbroker based on the information you provided and have them shipped to an online pawnshop, you’ll receive a deposit straight to your bank account.

Whether you’re looking to make a permanent sale of your valuable items, or simply need to borrow some cash for the short term, pretty much nothing could be more user-friendly than the quick-and-easy process of using an online pawn shop.

Nov 302011

Most of us have a spare change jar in our household, a place where copper pennies have been piling up for several years but they give little value to you in the long run. The majority of people end up utilizing an automatic coin sorter machine to turn their spare change into cash, which due to the costs of use really ends up costing you money. When you are going to lose a significant portion of the change you are amassing, then why bother saving up the change in the first place?

The truth is that there is actually a way to not only keep the money you are saving but also to make money off of that spare change, something that most people would not believe possible. In truth, there are coin sorter machines that are specifically designed to help you achieve this goal when it comes to earning money off of your spare copper pennies. Before you learn about these coin sorter machines, it is helpful to understand a bit more concerning why it is possible to make more money off of your pennies than their face value.

Many years back, the United States government realized that it was not feasible to continue making copper pennies that were made almost entirely of pure copper due to the rapidly increasing costs of copper. Consequently, the mint set about making copper pennies with a much lower content of copper, lowering the copper content in those coins to only a fraction of what they had been originally. In fact, copper pennies these days actually contain only a very thin coating of copper, while the inside of the coin is made mostly of zinc. This enables the government to keep the cost of manufacturing these coins down while also keeping the same look and feel of the first copper pennies.

By using a penny sorter machine, you can sort out the old copper pennies that were crafted almost completely out of copper from the new ones which contain only a thin coating of copper. Then, you can turn in those older copper pennies for their actual value, which is more than the one cent of their face value as a result of higher copper content they have and the way that the costs of copper have risen in recent years. A penny sorter machine provides an easy and convenient way to figure out which coins have a value that is higher than their face value, which makes it possible for you to make a substantial profit on something that was once just a pile of loose change. Most people can get rolls of pennies to sort out in order to improve their earnings even further just by using one very easy and efficient penny sorter machine.

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